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  • Cards may be dropped of at church during office hours or brought to service between October 31st and November 28th. Our deadline to send out our Christmas cards to our troops will be no later than November 28th. We will send one package including all of our letters to the over sea destination provided by the program we have partnered with. 

  • Address individual cards to: "any service member" - they will be handed out upon arrival.

  • Hand-made cards do not need an envelope. Otherwise, cards should have an envelope that they are are sealed in.

  • Care packages may also be sent with our group package. Care packages may include non-perishable items and items that won't melt. NO chocolate or glitter can be included in care packages or envelopes of cards. Recommended items: freeze pops, magazines, books, granola bars, Jerky, ramen noodles, hot sauce, k-cups, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, q-tips, hair spray, laundry pods, chapstick, deodorant, baby wipes, hot tea, hot chocolate.

  • Please identify if a card or care package is specifically for a male or female.

Please direct other questions to Pastor Lindsey

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