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Partnership at its best!


Join us as we recognize the new members of our church family as well as appreciate the faithfulness of our established members. 


The Refinery Church is excited to link arms with you and your family!     

We value your membership -we don't just put your name on a list and file it away -we want to partner with you and your family. 


To us, membership is moving beyond attending worship on Sunday and joining us in spiritually supporting our church and when lead, leading ministries. As always, we appreciate your membership, involvement and commitment to our church.

We look forward to linking arms with you as you grow in your

God given gifts and talents.


We invite you to become a part of our spiritual family and join us

on the most important and exciting journey you will ever take.

If you have been attending The Refinery Church on a regular basis and are ready to take the step of becoming a partner, then join us for our next Partnership Class.  Our Partnership class will cover the importance of partnership,  what we believe,  as well as the statement of our faith. Questions are encouraged.


Next upcoming class will immediately follow service:  March 15th

Class along with a dinner will take place from 6:30-7:30pm. 

Please sign up for Partnership Class through link below.

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