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At The Refinery Open Bible Church we welcome you with the heart of Christ and with great anticipation. We desire to build a body of believers that stands firm on our four main core values: 

Unwavering Commitment to Christ and one another,

Developing Community,

the Refining of our faith,

most importantly, THE GOSPEL

So,  join with us as we encounter the least, last and lost in our communities as we go forth emboldened by the strength and love of Christ. Everybody belongs, no matter your color of skin, clothes, financial status or past - we welcome you HOME. We embrace your mess and we are willing to get our hands messy for kingdom growth.

We are a spirit-filled church of sinners who believe God deserves our praise. Don’t be surprised when some people raise their hands as a sign of praise while singing, and don’t feel obligated to do so yourself.  We offer an atmosphere of freedom in our services, while being anchored in God's word.  We are committed to push through barriers to create a strong community built on the love and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Wherever you are in your walk now, come discover what it means to find life and freedom in Jesus.  Come join our community, as we learn to follow Jesus fully, break free from our past, and walk in victory together.


The Refinery is looking for eager believers ready to become leaders for Christ. The harvest is great but

workers are needed to accomplish the work set before us. At The Refinery Church, kingdom growth is important to us, we look forward to investing in you and the gift God placed in you. You have a special place here at home at The Refinery. We look forward to serving alongside you.

Joshua J. Ramirez



Pastor Josh is the lead pastor here at The Refinery Open Bible Church. He and his wife. Lindsey. have experienced the overwhelming impact of Jesus in their own lives and have been motivated to love and serve others as a result. Josh's personal testimony shows God's limitless restoration and grace.  They consider it a great honor to extend that invitation to others. Come and allow us the honor to share with you how God can transform and restore your trials and struggles. They and their family are honored to lead the loving and gifted family at The Refinery and look forward to serving alongside you. Pastor Josh is passionate about building a community among believers and comradery among men. Join him and the Forge Men's Ministry as they pursue the refinement of their faith, seeking to be a reflection of Christ. 


Lindsey Ramirez


Pastor Lindsey, her husband Josh and their family recently accepted the privilege to launch The Refinery Open Bible Church. She is most excited about  experiencing life together, family to family. She loves spending her time investing into her family, as she believes ministry starts at home. Their three Children enjoy serving a long side them in hope to help impact upcoming generations. Other ministry passions include investing into children/youth and women, with a heart to focus on family ministry. She invites each lady to come together, sister to sister and attend our Empow-Her Women's Ministry events for community, fellowship and spiritual enrichment. Come and allow her to share her heart with you and your family.  She looks forward to welcoming you HOME.

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